Our Herd

STERLING Dams of Distinction

The AICA’s dam of distinction program recognizes dams that have consistently weaned calves with above average weaning weights and have been regular producers with 380 days of less calving intervals. STERLING Dams of Distinction must have produced three calves by the time they are five years old. Also, all calves must have weaning ratios of 101 or higher, or the dam’s average progeny weaning weight ratio must be 106 or higher for dams with one calf below average for weaning ratio.
We are pleased to announce that Arrowhead Ranch has nine STERLING Dams of Distinction for 2019, the most in Texas!

F1139940 CB Fancy 3291P F1156187 CB Impress 3433P
F1156193 CB Martina 3446P F1156197 CB Lola 3438P
F1191038 CB Martina 3813P F1191050 CB Lola 3804P
F1218340 CB Dove 3906P F1218549 CB Strut 3973P
F1218602 CB Lorena 3960P

Newly acquired herd sires include:
Endsley’s Density 8133, out of Eatons Profit Driven 50437 & Endsley’s Daranna 5116P
Schurrtop JK 842 060K P, out of M6 New Standard 842 P ET & Schurrtop JK 336R 218J P
DC/JDJ Tobacco G2504 PET, out of LHD Cigar E46 P & JDJ MS Spur R120.
We will be eagerly awaiting their first calf crops next year!

Current Herd Sires
CB Tradewind 9090P
Reg# M830591
CB Ajax 3423 P
Reg# M815161
CB Shiloh 3421 P
Reg# M815178
Reg# M838058
Reg# M838085
FINK 3686 of 1150 FL
Reg# M845615
M&M L. Distance 3502 PLD
Reg# M845528
MD Ledzenelin Son C3107
Reg# M889342
JDJ Zeus Son D109
Reg# M889406
MD Ledger Son D1241
Reg# M889433